Benefits of Outreach

Solution Based Action

  • Delivers high impact, solution based campaigns
  • Motivates community and viewer engagement
  • Issues calls to action that result in solutions
  • Reversions productions into video modules to drive discussion and action
  • Ties productions to ideas that persuade people to act
  • Provides a context for active viewing
  • Achieves legislation and policy


  • Extends the shelf life of broadcast properties
  • Develops community partnerships that can continue the work
  • Showcases promising practices to support replication in communities
  • Localizes issues to address the needs of individual communities
  • Adapts resources for delivery across multiple platforms, reaching more audiences and expanding utilization

Cost Effectiveness

  • Bridges one campaign to another
  • Attracts additional resources and revenues
  • Utilizes technology (Web strategies and social networking) to expand reach
  • Ties into national and local initiatives

Audience Reach

  • Reaches new and highly targeted audiences
  • Utilizes a range of strategies to reach varied audiences
  • Builds audience awareness and generates viewership
  • Educates and engages specialized audiences
  • Offers information that can directly benefit targeted audiences
  • Influences regulators, policymakers, and decision makers


  • Builds the brand of a new series
  • Increases visibility and expands brand awareness
  • Associates your brand with important issues and adds substantive depth
  • Creates strategic opportunities to refine and extend your message
  • Adds impact to publicity and marketing campaigns