Why Outreach Extensions

… the media outreach leader in the television industry

  • Multiplatform expertise – Our campaigns deliver content across multiple platforms, ranging from video to Web and from on-the-ground to viral distribution, to achieve high impact, solution based action.
  • Strategic vision – We take pride in forging new pathways in outreach. We develop campaigns that position your production strategically in the community, in the industry, and in the marketplace. We work with you to design a campaign that links your production to ideas that persuade people to act.
  • Customized campaigns – Our strategic planning process results in customized campaigns that are innovative, effective, and results driven. We guarantee that our campaigns can deliver benefits to well-defined target audiences – including achieving social change through policy and federal legislation.
  • Market realities – We know the outreach market and are familiar with other campaigns and resources. We know what gaps need filling and where your production can boldly open new community engagement frontiers. Our proposals present this edge to funders along with options for alternative funding solutions.
  • Partnerships – As we develop your campaign, we build value-added partnerships with community, resource, and policy organizations; other media; and funders. Creativity and collaboration make us wizards at leveraging project assets and forging new opportunities – through all phases of a campaign.
  • Community building – We’ve been in the trenches, working in communities and helping to build community networks. We understand the interactions among people, issues, and tasks and the value of neighborhood empowerment. We know how to reach audiences and build project buy-in through coalition and consensus building. We have worked extensively with community networks and project advisory boards, so we can help you define their composition and roles.
  • System knowledge – We’ve worked with public television, commercial networks, and cable outlets and know how to take advantage of their assets as well as move beyond those assets to deliver results. We align our clients with new system initiatives and technologies to position them as system leaders.
  • Station outreach relations – Outreach professionals at PBS stations know us and trust us. They have confidence that we deliver what we promise and rely upon us for needed technical assistance. We keep in touch to know what works and doesn’t work. Our station servicing approach supports effective implementation of your production’s outreach campaign.
  • Client servicing – Every client is important to us. We provide a high level of individualized service and are available when you need us. We’re good listeners and quickly become wise advisors on how to maximize the long range potential of your production and campaign.
  • One stop shopping – From project planning, to designing and implementing campaigns, to writing proposals – we do it all. Our development of outreach services and materials includes creating content plus designing “the look” to capture audience attention in print, video, and on the Web.
  • Confidence factor – The word on the street about Outreach Extensions is that we deliver on time and on budget – at the highest level of professionalism. We’ll do exactly that for you!